5 Creative Uses For Halloween Candies

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As the Halloween ends, you usually find yourself with more candy that you could ever consume. If you have kids at home, you should hide them quick unless you’re okay to deal with sugar high children or toothache. Another way to deal with leftover Halloween Candies is to repurpose them for something else. Here are five creative ways to do that:

Lollie Stirrer

Put a splash of color and a hint of sweetness on your cocktail by using giftware Sutherland Shire as your stirrer. Swap your olives on a stick or umbrella with a lollipop or gummy bears skewered on your cocktail stirrer.

Wall Decor

There are a couple of ways to use your candies as wall decor. One way is by framing your colorful candies. Arrange your colorful sweets on a plain white canvas then glue them into place. Frame them and hang them on your wall. Another way is by creating a big cutout of letters to form a word or whatever shape you prefer. Then glue your candies on the cutout and hang on the wall.

Candy Garland

Christmas season comes soon enough after the Halloween. As part of your tree decor, you can string candies together to wrap around your tree. You can use any candy that is soft enough to be poked with a needle would do. Gummy bears, in particular, will give additional sparkle as it reflects some of your Christmas lights. You can even ask the kids to help you arrange the candies, or if they are old enough, string the garland with you. If you don’t want to use it on your Christmas tree, you can always set it aside as party of your cheap christmas decoration. Make a candy garland of purple, green and gold for the festive motif.

Ginger Bread House

Another Christmas decor in which you could use your leftover candies is on the ginger bread house. Use the candies to decorate your ginger bread. Just make sure that the candies are not yet expired so that your ginger bread house will remain edible.

Phone Case

If you’re the type to want a unique phone case, then this DIY project is for you. You will need Modpodge, Shellac and the candies of your choice. Spread a generous layer of Modpodge on a clear phone case and arrange the candies the way you prefer. Once it dries, add another layer to smoothen the surface. Once that sets and dries once more, apply Shellac to make the case hard and secure the candies in place. Leave overnight to dry before using.

There are other creative ways in which you can repurpose your candies. Some are edible while other are for decorative purposes.