A List Of Quintessential Moving Supplies

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Moving is both exciting and stressful – you’re going through a big change in your life (with possibilities you have yet to encounter), but it also comes with a whole lot of work to get done. But there’s a grace that comes from being prepared with the right supplies; have everything in order and packing won’t feel like such a burden.

Here’s a list of supplies thatwill solve most moving dilemmas:

Boxes, Plastic Containers, Backpacks – Big Empty Spaces

Before you splurge your money on the 3m double sided foam tape mentioned throughout this article, prioritize the search for sturdy boxes to put most of your household items in. You can opt for the cheaper carton boxes, which you can ask for at grocery stores or purchase in bulk online, or you can purchase big plastic containers for the extra protection against moisture and pesky critters. You can even use backpacks for clothes, or any item your kid might need before, during, and after the move.

All The Adhesives You Can Get

If you don’t already have them at home, buy two to three rolls of packing tape to seal boxes, and masking tape label them. Buy even more rolls of Scotch tape to seal any padding done with paper.

Cushions and Paddings

All fragile items should be cushioned well to avoid unwanted breakage. You can buy packing peanuts to fill empty spaces, or you can use old clothes and socks to cover each item. Crumpled newspapers can also be used as a temporary alternative. You can also buy a roll of bubble wrap anti static to protect any consumer electronics from dents and electrical damage.

Cutting Tools, Markers and Pens

These are one of the easiest to get, as they’re either found in any school supply store, or your kids already have them in their backpacks.

Ropes and Twist-Ties

Use the rope to tie furniture and appliances together, and the twist-ties to keep cables from tangling into each other.

Side-note: Creativity and Resourcefulness

A tip my mother always tells me is to “maximize space” – which to her meant filling all the empty spaces within any box or bag. If anything has empty, fillable space, use it to store even smaller things. Use your shoes to store sunglasses, roll your clothes to fit more articles in smaller bags; just let your creativity do the thinking for you. You might be surprised by the many functionalities your household items have that exceed their original purpose. When you’re filling boxes, don’t be afraid to think outside of them, too.