Ways To Keep Your Home Cool During The Summer?

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Keeping your home cool during the summer is important and most often, home owners use air conditioning to get the job done but the truth of the matter is that, air conditioning is one of the reasons why you spend majority of your income on paying off your utility bills at the end of each month. There are many ways in which you can keep your home cool without using an air conditioner. Air conditioning is also extremely bad for the environment as it requires a lot of energy and the energy used up is generated through burning fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases into the environment and gradually destroy our environment. However, even if you cannot seem to part with your air conditioning, the tips that we have provided below with regards to keeping your home cool will definitely be very helpful and useful to you.

Invest In A Swamp Cooler

If you live in an area where there is not much humidity in the air, you can straight on ahead with the decision of investing in a swamp cooler or buy a portable evaporative air cooler as they are not only extremely effective, they also use up lesser amounts of energy when compared to what is required to power your air conditioning system. Investing in the portable evaporative air conditioning is best as you can easily transport the machine to wherever you need without much of a hassle.

White Curtains

One of the earliest lessons we learn in science class is that the color white tends to bounce light off the surface and reflect it elsewhere whereas the color black loves to absorb the light so it is best to buy some white curtains for your home if you want to stay cool during the course of this summer. If installing white curtains seem very risky, you can always try out other neutral colored curtains and just avoid dark colored curtains.

Summer Nights

If you have been struggling to fall asleep at nighttime due to the temperature, it might be time to switch up your bed sheets because just as linen sheets are great for insulation, cotton sheets are great for staying cool during hot summer nights. Cotton is more airy and breathable so switching the sheets might just make a huge difference in your sleep cycle and the hours of resting that you are getting on a day to day basis.

Exhaust Fans

If you have exhaust fans in your kitchen or in the bathroom, it might be time to power them on because they are both designed to help get rid of the hot air in your home.